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 2 months ago

So proud to be part of Disney’s Mulan @disneyplushotstarid @yukikt @dionwiyoko @ Jakarta, Indonesia

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 2 months ago

@LunaMaya26 @yukikt @dionwiyoko She is be correct, darling. So nice and so sweet darling. No time to be better withen you and i is it now. I love you, well come to my tweet, my sweet heart.

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 2 months ago

@LunaMaya26 @yukikt @dionwiyoko Selamat pagi neng Luna cantik

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@LunaMaya26 @yukikt @dionwiyoko Turut bangga @LunaMaya26 cantik😍 tergabung di @DisneyPlusID di Mulan sbg dubber Xianniang👍...next smoga diajak main film @DisneyStudios

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#NetwoodWishes a warm #HappyBirthday to the witty and funny bundle of talent #EllenDegeneres!
Keep shining and continue to inspire millions to be who they are with confidence.
#HappyBirthdayEllenDegeneres #HBDEllenDegeneres

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a big happy birthday to ellen degeneres!🤗 #HappyBirthdayEllenDeGeneres

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Today we honor our Queen @TheEllenShow by following her example and giving to people who needs us now more than ever. That's why from our group we have donated to @FeedingAmerica

Happy birthday Queen ♥️
#Happybirthdayellen 🎈
#HappyBirthdayEllenDeGeneres ♥️

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#HappyBirthdayEllenDeGeneres i, DJ Khaled am so honored to meet you Ellen

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