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 2 months ago

Watch the “This Day” lyric video with @kianalede & prepare for the magic! #JingleJangle is out tomorrow on @Netflix.

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 2 months ago
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 2 months ago

@Usher @KianaLede @netflix @Usher Where You & Aaliyah unreleased songs

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 2 months ago

@Usher @KianaLede @netflix Love this song

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@greineramy Profile picture Amy Greiner


 2 months ago

@Usher @KianaLede @netflix Thank you Usher for this song. It is quite refreshing to hear your voice and for bringing your roots of gospel singing to uplift the spirits of so many in a time it is needed the most😇🙏🏻 #ThankfulThursday

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 2 months ago

@Usher @KianaLede @netflix I'm wating for this day

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 2 months ago

@Usher @KianaLede @netflix Can’t wait to watch

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@Usher @KianaLede @netflix Getting my whole entire life from this track!! @KianaLede & @Usher y'all DID THAT!

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 2 months ago

@Usher @KianaLede @netflix Bianca, a sweet girl from Paraguay, was diagnosed with Type 1 Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) She needs a lot of money for his medicine($2.125.000), she only has less than TWO months to aply that medicine. Pls if you can donate or rt this🙏 #TodosSomosBianca

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 2 months ago

@Usher @KianaLede @netflix $Tyjnicole or venmo @Tyjel-Nicole89 really hoping to get a little bit of help as I've had a bit of hardluck fall on me to start this month. Trying to hold it together for the kids but any help would really be a blessing. Much love to all and I hope the best for everyone. 💖💖

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A tag that I actually can participate in? Well. #dndartists My name is Rei and I'm addicted to making dnd ocs. Please send help

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You wouldn’t know by looking but most of what I draw is actually related to characters from an old D&D campaign, so hello, #dndartists 👋🏻

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I heard #dndartists are making the rounds.

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@Wizards_DnD Some of my earliest paid art gigs were DnD related. Here are a few cards I made a while back of some characters. #dndartists

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Stanza (bard) got reborn as Ash (potentially a sorcerer) in CoS last night. Some lil concept doodles for Ash vs. Stanza’s ref. #dndartists

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#dndartists trending? heck yessss. I love drawing character portraits, both for my own games and for commissions! TTRPGs are the best for creating awesome characters 💕

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All of our art was done exclusively by @vleizeart up to this point. She's absolutely incredible in so many styles of illustration. #dndartists

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