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🎊 You know it's a special occasion when Cafu, Casillas, Drogba, Eto’o, Infantino, Kaka, Klopp, Lineker, Lloyd, Marta, Mourinho, Owen, Puyol, Ronaldo, Rummenigge, Schweinsteiger, Zagallo & Zidane send their best wishes (one even sings theirs!) 👨‍🎤

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@Carles5puyol 🇬🇧🇺🇸 How has a world rife with oppression and injustice appeared? We all have an amazing power within ourselves. Who is Imam Mahdi? Why do the oppressors not want anyone to know him? It is time to know the Imam of the age!

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@Carles5puyol Capitan ❤🦁🦁

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@Carles5puyol Te amo Capitán ❤️

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@Carles5puyol Puyol é muito rupre kkkkk @fabiupires @Henriquembp

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@Carles5puyol Es maravilloso😉👍

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@Carles5puyol captain forever ❤️💙

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@Carles5puyol The only 👑 we know is #Messi

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Whoop whoop happy #thursdaymorning #keefheads it’s #RetroGames stream today gonna be doing Secret of Mana later what’s everyone else got going on today?

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Book vouchers for Christmas + Watersones sale = New books delivered! Yay! #thursdaymorning #ThursdayThoughts

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Der erste Tag von Bidens Präsidentschaft fiel mit Mordattentaten auf die Unterdrückten im Irak in Bagdad zusammen.Die Vereinigten Staaten haben durch die Unterstützung von Terroristen auf der ganzen Welt Unsicherheit und Krieg geschaffen.

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He was not named yet Rand Paul self owned. 🤔

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Good morning! We up. It’s stuck. Let’s #create #morning #thursdaymorning

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#thursdaymorning killed 42,000 jobs yesterday, I guess that's s good way to start a presidency

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NP▶️-KONNA🎶 @iamharrysong x @rudeboypsquare
🎼NOW🔛📻 WITH @vonmicheal_
x @BadamasiHadizah x @Melmarh1


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