I am very sad to know that Shri Jaipal Reddy Ji is no more. We were together in Parliament for many years. He was very assertive in the House and very warm at personal level. I will miss a dear friend #JaipalReddy.

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@enggbhatta Profile picture Vats of India


 1 year ago

@eyes_of_ankit @SushmaSwaraj Shubh Shubh bolo. Long live maam

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@d_sikendar Profile picture D.J Sikendar


 1 year ago
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@SushmaSwaraj 🙏🙏🙏

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@SushmaSwaraj Who will tweet after your demise?
We will definitely miss you ma'am.

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@SushmaSwaraj भगवान शांति दे ॐ शांति ओम

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Am legit daddy and I have some honest baby before, but unfortunately they all turn me down now because they’ve found someone else, Legit baby needed now urgently. #sugardaddylegit #legitsugardaddy #ImpeachBidenNow #Verzuz #AESOCON #fridaymorning #NewYorkForever #CriticalRole ❤️❣️

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Why was Keyshia trying to sing over my good sis and not even get the words and harmony right, gtfoh 😖 #Verzuz

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Did they sing woman to woman together at the end since they do have a song together 👀 #Verzuz

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I was waiting for this move last night #Verzuz #verzuzbattle

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Didn’t even make it through the whole #verzuzbattle because EXTREME LATENESS 🙃 BUT it sounds like I was on the winning team, just like I thought. 😎 #TeamAshanti #Verzuz

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Music for the road😂😂 #verzuz part 2

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The #Verzuz between Shadshanti and Ms Keyshia Hill was a mess, it was more shade and tension than the Brandy v Monica(which is surprising imo)
Can we get some people with positive vibes next time, Hold the shade.
@OhSoFrieda @mndspeak @UnearthIyChiId (what did ya think?)

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