Azam Khan is known for making such statements which prove that he suffers from mental perversion. The statement that he made while addressing a lady Chairperson crossed all limits of decency. He deserves a stringent punishment to preserve the dignity and decorum of the House.

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@rocky_cobb Profile picture Rocky Cobb


 1 year ago

@dalipku16009992 @SushmaSwaraj No nooooo, let her take rest, she did a wonderful job while in office, thank you sushma ji.

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@harshimaheshwa2 @JaiPrakashAga18 @SushmaSwaraj जिस राज्य के भूतपूर्व मुख्यमंत्री के हाल ऐसे होंगे सोचे उस राज्य में महिलाएं कितनी सुरक्षित होंगी तभी मुलायम ताऊ बोलता था कि जवान बच्चों से गलतियां हो जाती हैं क्योंकि उसे अपनी औलाद तक पर भरोसा नहीं था

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@Red__Wine1 Profile picture Riya 🔥


 1 year ago

@SushmaSwaraj Absolutely Ma'am.
Server action should be taken against #AzamKhan .
Because he has repeatedly given derogatory statement against women.

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@SushmaSwaraj Jail me daalo saale kanjar ko😡

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@SushmaSwaraj Mam - He is not suitable to enter the parliament..

Parliament represents India - Its Ethos, cultures n sacrifices!!

We should dis-qualify him as a MP..

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@SushmaSwaraj Mam if possible please come back . You were more like a mother ,mother of nation . We miss your speeches.

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@and986others Profile picture Nobody


 1 year ago

@SushmaSwaraj जैसा राजा वैसी प्रजा का जीवित उदाहरण है ये दोनों sushMAA ji

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@Alkasingh220285 Profile picture ka Al


 1 year ago
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@SushmaSwaraj आजम खान का बयान बेहद शर्मनाक😡
आजम खान को संसद से बर्खास्त कर देना चाहिए!

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