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Leaving confusion🔚 is helpful 4 hunger spreading.

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GCSP Article | L’Afrique et le désarmement nucléaire ! L ´ #Afrique doit porter la #paix au niveau international, son rayonnement, sa richesse culturelle et environnementale fait d’elle un ambassadeur naturel pour le #TIAN@SimsNono#nuclearban

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@ICAN_UK thanks for this. Haven’t they heard of stranded assets? Also the new nuclear weapons financing research group is such an easy resource to use #nuclearban

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@Jendo1966 @aokiaoki1111 @X2nkzLeITuaFpE4 It sounds like the people in charge could do better to prevent further damage.
We all need to learn from the past.
#全原発の廃止を求めます: "Call for the abolition of all nuclear power plants"

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@UKLabour prioritising war over peace. £billions for weapons not healthcare, education or culture #nuclearban

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Out Now - Vol 12, Issue 1, February 2021 #Development #NPT #UnitedNations #COVID19 #VirtualReality #nuclearban

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Good questions

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British Labour is sailing in the wrong direction with their doors open.

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Support for #nuclear weapons was always wrong but even more abhorrent in a global pandemic, #ClimateCrisis & economic crisis. Seems didn't read @CNDuk poll showing 59% UK people support the #nuclearban
Mass destruction not a vote winner @UKLabour

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Better still, countries should attend the first meeting of states parties to the TPNW *as states parties*.

How hard can it be to adopt a firm position against nuclear weapons given all we know about their catastrophic effects?

#nuclearban @AnnLinde

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This is absolutely dismal... #NuclearBan #TPNW #NoToTrident

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Big new speech coming from Labour: "Labour’s support for the UK’s American nuclear deterrent is non-negotiable."

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68% of Labour voters think the UK should sign the UN #nuclearban treaty, this approach is delusional. @CNDuk

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Reverse the Trend: Art and Activism in the face of the Climate Crisis and Nuclear Threat #nuclearban #hibakusha

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Labour will be announcing a non-negotiable commitment to our nuclear weapons tomorrow.

Yes, really.

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Labour to state 'non-negotiable' support for UK's nuclear weapons

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#核兵器禁止条約発効 してから今日で35日。

2019年9月8日に、署名簿を #原田学会 に受け取り拒否されてから今日で537日。

#YesICAN #nuclearban

そして、#スラップ訴訟 を仕掛けて来た #原田学会。

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Introducing our panel of experts:

@BeaFihn, ED of @nobelprize winner @nuclearban, has worked in disarmament diplomacy & civil society mobilisation w/ICAN @WILPF & @TheGCSP. She’ll discuss #nuclearban, the global mechanism for a nuclear weapon free world.

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To read on @twalainfo
"Algeria the French nuclear past must no longer remain buried in the Sahara" by @jmc_nonukes

"It is the responsibility of France and Algeria to act" #nuclearban #fildefense #TIAN

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À lire sur @twalainfo "Algérie le passé nucléaire français ne doit plus rester enterré dans le Sahara" par @jmc_nonukes
"Il est de la responsabilité de la France et de l'Algérie d'agir" #nuclearban #fildefense #TIAN

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The threat of #nuclearwar is growing. The catastrophic risks are urgent and threaten our communities, environment, and the very future of civilization.

Join @BackfromBrink & @nuclearban on 3/4 and let's abolish nuclear weapons

#NuclearBan #BftB

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The recording of @SCRAPweapons' webinar on Feminist Leadership in Disarmament is now available! Featuring
@achesonray, director of our disarmament programme @RCW_

Watch now:

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It is our big pleasure to communicate that we are launching our website today: Check out our programs and get to know our team! #Biosecurity #Biosafety #nuclearban #ChemicalWeapons @LucianaVazquezS @tinchoporro @FJDH @JOVENESDDHH @GustavoAltieri


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The #EuropeanParliament has yet to answer 2 questions regarding #NPTRevCon & #BanTreaty by the @GreensEFA @MounirSatouri and @HNeumannMEP:
One on preparations of a common EU position for the #NPT2021, especially in light of the #TPNW‘s entry into force:

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☢ Today, 7pm ☢
'An opportunity to hear two key researchers from Sussex University speak about their evidence that nuclear power is obsolete in achieving Zero-Carbon, but exists now merely to underpin military use.'

Register here:

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@kjolvegeland He ‚forgot‘ to mention that he plans to sign #nuclearban-Treaty.

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the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (#TPNW)

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Our newsletter for spring 2021 is online! Articles and stories from @MartinNewellcp @NoraZbitchez @Squiddingness Brian Quail of @TridentPlough , Margriet Bos of @noelhuis Br. Johannes Maertens #nuclearban #catholicworker #Lent2021

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The Philippine government has deposited the instrument of ratification of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) or the Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty on Feb. 18, making the Philippines the 53rd state to ratify the said accord.

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Out Now - Vol 12, Issue 1, February 2021 #Development #NPT #UnitedNations #COVID19 #VirtualReality #nuclearban #Science

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Yesterday and today in Kiel at the regional state parliament, activists gather to support a motion from the @SPDSH that calls for Germany to sign the #nuclearban treaty

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Save the date: 67 Jahre nach dem #BikiniAtoll durch den #CastleBravo Atomtest, am 1.3. um 14 Uhr, werden an 67 Atomtests auf den Marshallinseln für 67 Minuten gedacht.

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#nuclearban #NuclearPower #nuclearenergy #dontnuketheclimate A whole lot of reasons why we should keep the ban on nuclear power

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And here the full list of declarations under Article 2 of the #TPNW

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Slivyak will die Anti-Kohle- und die Anti-Atom-Bewegung zusammenbringen, will deutlich machen, dass Atomkraft eben nicht das Klima retten kann. Und er hat den Eindruck, dass sein Einsatz nicht umsonst ist: «Die Leute hören zu.»

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Next ? --> How to make the real dialogue happen? I think may require multiple approaches ?
( #npt #tpnw #nuclearban @icann @UNITE_MPNetwork #UN etc)
Orchestra, not orchestrated. Penultimate is for like four horsemen to happen in lead up to key leaders meet

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#nuclearban All we need is a nuclear disarmament game. First have an international meeting to work out the rules of the game. Then get representatives to gather in Iceland. In the first round of the game, everyone throws dice and the loser has to destroy one nuke. And so on.

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Parties to the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons are already busy implementing their obligations.

Under Article 2, they’re required to submit declarations on whether they possess(ed) or host nuclear weapons.

Read them here: #nuclearban

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If the socialists that are left in @UKLabour left and started a new socialist party, would you join them???

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We are excited to announce our latest event for Nuclear Remembrance Day with the Marshallese Educational Initiative, @IPPNW , @napf, and @napfnewyork! Registration Link: ! Our amazing advisor, Benetick Kabua Maddison of MEI will be moderating it!

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👇❗️ Others should follow the Swedish example and attend #TPNW conference of states parties as observers.

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Uttlesford District Council (Saffron Walden) is planning to invest £35 million of public money in a global arms company (MOOG) which supplies systems for nuclear weapons #nuclearban

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My first question -> How to bring together in real dialogue those with nukes and those favoring TPNW.  Yes, "bridging ..." as title says in pic but maybe there's a need to go beyond, before and under?

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