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I get my Thundergong shirt one day, and then my Record Bar 15th shirt the very next day. It feels like Xmas or something. #thundergong #thundergong2020 #recordbarkc #givesteps @movingamputees @recordBar @BillyBrimblecom

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Wow! My new #thundergong hoodie from to support @stepsoffaithfoundation just arrived! Softest material ever!!!
Love love love it ❤️👍 @ Shawnee, Kansas

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@NYRANGERS_87 @HowieLongShort @wssportsteam @DanLeff4 Tks @HowieLongShort enjoy it & looks great! But It’s’ the people in KC making it happen; the BBQ, SuperBowl Champions & @wssportsteam, plus having great KC friends call up for exclusive “drops” that help raise funds for a great cause! @movingamputees #rafterworthy #thundergong

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Kansas City, you are awesome.

During @KCTV5's re-air of #Thundergong after yesterday's @chiefs game, over $46,000 additional was raised for @movingamputees! Well done!!!

Oh, and the @foofighters, knocked it out of the park w/ WALK!

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Thanks @KCTV5 for airing the 2020 #ThunderGong event! Wow, what a show. And what an ending. @foofighters crushing it! Donation happily made. ✅ #GiveSteps

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We hope you loved The Best of #Thundergong! 2020 on @KCTV5 Kansas City! 🎶🎸🥁

You can watch the entire show and donate to help amputees at #GiveSteps

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Never paid much attention to #thundergong before even though I’m from KC but I am loving this!!

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Great weekend for music in my living room! Last night, @gorillaz, this afternoon, #KansasCity’s own @TedLasso belts it out at #Thundergong.

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Ted Lasso belting 😀 #thundergong

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Ted Lasso singing Patience - what else do you want? #givesteps @movingamputees #thundergong @KCTV5

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Meh on this version of wild horses🤷‍♀️ #thundergong

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@jasonsudeikis Thundergong is awesome. A Chiefs win and Thundergong!! #stepsoffaith #thundergong

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As a KC native, its pretty awesome watching other KC natives do awesome things like raise money for @movingamputees, a non profit dedicated to getting amputees new limbs to help them to live the lives they deserve. Check out #Thundergong, see some cool music, and give if you can.

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Watching #thundergong right now. Didn’t know this existed but this is neat.

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Programming note: #Thundergong is on @KCTV5 rn

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The Best of #Thundergong! 2020 is starting at 4pm on @KCTV5!

Enjoy the show and text STEPS to 44321 to help amputees in need. #GiveSteps #KC

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KC folks, did you miss #Thundergong! or just want to rewatch some highlights? You are in luck! Today at 4pm @KCTV5 is showing the Best of Thundergong! 2020.

Celebrate a Chiefs win with some amazing musical performances while we raise money for amputees in need! #GiveSteps #KC

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Watch the Best of #Thundergong! today at 4pm on @KCTV5! See some amazing performances from the Foo Fighters, Brandi Carlile, Ben Harper & Jack Johnson, Wynonna Judd and more!

Help us raise funds today for amputees in need by texting STEPS to 44321 or at

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Pick up a six pack of @CraneBrewing #Thundergong! beer today for tomorrow’s double header of the Chiefs game and then The Best of Thundergong! on @KCTV5 at 4pm! 🍻

Crane donates $1 for every case sold to Steps Of Faith!

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Thanks for sharing our story @KCTV5! We are so excited for the Best of #Thundergong! 2020 to air on KCTV5 this Sunday at 4pm right after the Chiefs game!

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Steps of Faith Foundation perseveres during pandemic:

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@davidchang Did you see @jasonsudeikis as @TedLasso singling Patience for #thundergong ? Made me cry

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Claro para esto apareces pero cuando Camila apareció en #ThunderGong que era para una causa importante y también en #WomenOfWorth no dijiste NADA. Pero como en ésto está el otro ya lo subís en todos lados

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Surprise! Hope you all enjoy and please support @FeedingAmerica if you can...❤️🙏🏼

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Our biggest #givethanks is to everyone that watched the show and donated. A positive of #Thundergong! going virtual this year was that more people than ever got to see the show and you helped us raise more for amputees in need than any year so far. We can't wait for next year!

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A big #GiveThanks to all of our partners that helped us navigate going virtual, promoted the show so that more people saw it than ever, and helped us with our biggest #Thundergong! raffle ever!

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Today we #GiveThanks to everyone that made this year's #Thundergong! possible. We weren't sure a few months ago if/how we were going to do a virtual show and not only did our sponsors, partners, performers & donors step up to help, you all made it our biggest donation year yet!

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Claro a eso le das rt pero no dijiste NADA cuando participó en #ThunderGong y todavía no dijiste NADA de que MAÑANA tiene una aparición en un evento de L'ORÉAL. Pero sos manager de CAMILA CABELLO jajaja no parece @rogerhgold

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Run for cover! Rock shot by Todd Zimmer! #thundergong #givesteps @wfliiidrums

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Get your #Thundergong! raffle tickets before it's too late. Tonight is the cutoff!!!

There are a ton of cool items and experiences that you could win and all proceeds go towards helping amputees in need. Enter now at

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And a perfect Sunday to try for our two #ChiefsKingdom packages! Win a custom #Thundergong Chiefs Jersey, autographed Frank Clark football and two Super Bowl Champions hats or a framed Patrick Mahomes banner!

Enter now at

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