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01-21-"A tale of two presidents on this 48th anniversary of the #RoevWade decision. One champions a culture of death, the other champions a culture of life." #Biden #Trump #roe48

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Whether and when to become a parent is one of the most important life decisions we make. That's why we must work toward policies that empower those who can become pregnant to make decisions about their own health, lives, and future. #Roe48

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75% of people who have an abortion are working to make ends meet. Abortions are expensive procedures that are not always covered by insurance, not including the costs of travel, childcare, and time off work. Access to abortion is an economic justice issue. #ReproShabbat #Roe48

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We are so excited for tonight's chat with Eleanor Bergstein @BabyJohnny2020, writer of #DirtyDancing, as we learn about the making of the film & its connection to #RoevWade. If you didn't register, you will surely miss out on having the time of your life. #Roe48

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#ROE48 📢 We are thrilled to share that Eleanor Bergstein @BabyJohnny2020, #DirtyDancing writer, will join us on Zoom prior to the screening. This 1987 film started honest dialogue about reproductive rights, class issues & love. Registration closes @ 12am

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Whether we can get abortion care shouldn’t depend on our income, insurance, zip code, or immigration status. We need to #ReimagineRoe and make sure no one is left behind and that abortion is accessible for everyone. #Roe48 #RoevWade #Believeinmore

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It should concern everyone that an angry, woke mob felt entitled and empowered to interrupt a Catholic Mass last Friday on the anniversary of #Roe48.
The pro-abortion protestors violated the FACE Act, and @TheJusticeDept should act accordingly.

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62% of people who have an abortion identify as religiously affiliated. Religion and religious liberty are shields--not swords--to protect the right to access abortion. #ReproShabbat #Roe48 #Rabbis4Repro

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Republicans in the #azleg are seeking to punish people with a death sentence for exercising their constitutional right to an abortion. We are ready to fight and won’t back down #Istandwithpp #roe48

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59% of people who choose abortion already have at least one child. Rosie Jiménez, the first known casualty of the Hyde amendment was one of these people. Abortion Access is critical to families. #reproshabbat #roe48

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“On this anniversary, we must commit to continuing the fight for something more — a vision of reproductive justice that affirms the lives of Black people everywhere." SisterSong Executive Director, @monicarsimpson in @NewsOne - #ReimagineRoe #Roe48

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Please make a donation tonight, if you're in a position to do so. This week, we marked the 48th anniversary of #RoevWade-- a landmark decision that ensured legality but not access. We must do all we can to make it possible for everyone who wants an abortion to get one. #roe48

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We have a caller who needs to raise $6,300 by early next week in order to access their right to healthcare. Will you help us fill the gap?


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So excited to have @JimmyPanetta, CA trailblazer John Laird, and @RhodesiaRansom featured in this virtual program.

Please join us with a ticket purchase of any size. 😊❤️

#IStandWithPP #RoevWade #roe48

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#AbortoLegal Este 48 aniversario de #RoevWade coincide con una importante victoria en #Argentina por el derecho al #aborto y nos brinda la oportunidad de comparar y aprender: #AbortoSeguro #Salud #DDHH #Feminismo #Roe48 #UnGritoGlobal #HablemosDeAborto💚💜

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@GOPLeader 48 years ago, women were saved from death by coat hangers. #roe48 #reproductiverights #abortionishealthcare

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The 48th anniversary of #RoevWade marks a critical moment for abortion and reproductive rights advocates.

With an anti-choice majority on the Supreme Court bench, the threat of Roe being gutted beyond practical application is all too real. #Roe48


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One of the reasons I hope to serve in public office at some point is because I want to do whatever I can to speak up in the public square for the unborn. I’m thankful there are people like @Walker4NC who are currently doing that. We should support him & people like him. #roe48

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And Here is "Pro Life" Cruz mocking the concept of a welfare system for the immunocompromised, along with other high risk groups, during a pandemic. #TedCruz #COVID19 #Covidiots #Pandumbic #GOP #Christianity #Prochoice #Roe48

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Reminder: "Pro-Life" Ted Cruz (along with Mike Huckabee & Bobby Jindal) attends rallies on killing LGBT people and Non-Christians #GOP #TedCruz #homophobia #Prochoice #Antitheism #Roe48

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Praying for all of the innocent black babies killed in the name of “reproductive freedom”. I’m praying for the black community to open their eyes to the schemes of Margret Sanger & her ultimate plan 4 innocent black babies. 😢

#RoevWade #Roe48 @Blklivesmatter #BlackLivesMatter

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I'm attending a @theactionnet event: Socialist Feminist Day School Session One. RSVP here: #Roe48 #dsa #SocFem <3

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#TedCruzIsTheTypeOfGuy that’s against abortion but yet also votes against every single program that could assist the women of whom he insists give birth. He’s not pro-life, he’s pro-birth. He is also disgusting. #RoevWade
#MyBodyMyChoice #Roe48 #TedCruzIsATraitor #CruzResign 🖕🏽

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On #Roe48 let's ask: How do we build a world where people respect personal decisions around parenthood and pregnancy, a world where people can get accurate information and make the best health care decisions for themselves? #RoevWade

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#AbortoLegal "Esto es algo central para la vida de una mujer, para su dignidad. Cuando el gobierno controla su decisión, la mujer no está siendo tratada como un adulto, como un ser humano responsable de sus propias decisiones" #RuthBaderGinsburg #WhyIBelieveinJustice Aborto #Roe48

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The ability to continue or end a pregnancy should be accessible to all, no matter who they are, where they live, or how much money they make. That's why we're fighting for #abortionaccess4all #Roe48

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Virtual events remember and reimagine a more pro-justice Roe v Wade. #roe48

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En el aniversario número 48 de #RoevWade queremos recordar también a la Jueza 🇺🇸 Ruth Bader Ginsburg, una luchadora incansable en favor de la igualdad de derechos.

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Today marks the dark 48th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and we mourn over 60 million souls who have been lost to abortion. No right is more precious and fundamental than the right to life, which is why I will continue the fight to protect life at every stage. #prolife #ChooseLife

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A tale of two presidents on this 48th anniversary of the #RoevWade decision.

One champions a culture of death, the other champions a culture of life.

#Biden #Trump #roe48

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On this 48th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we are dreaming of radical Black feminist possibilities.

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