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Tracey Holmes defends Chinese Sun Yang, saying it would be "a great shame" if "probably the best swimmer of all time" is not treated justly. #GLOBALink

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What do experts say about China's economic performance in 2020? #GLOBALink

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Cuba has put into effect a monetary overhaul in hopes of improving the country's economic performance amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the tightening of U.S. sanctions against the country. #GLOBALink

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Within hours of his inauguration, U.S. President Joe Biden signed a flurry of executive orders, reversing a good chunk of Donald Trump's policies. We connect Xinhua reporters overseas to find out what does the world expect from Biden's foreign policy agendas? #GLOBALink

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As COVID-19 cases keep surging, the world is expecting more vaccines to keep the pandemic at bay. China-developed vaccines have been recognized by more and more countries. Sinovac's CoronaVac is one of them. Find out more about the vaccine in this episode of #GLOBALink.

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Joe Biden has been inaugurated as the 46th U.S. president, taking over a nation hit hardest by an unprecedented health crisis, the worst economic recession in decades and a protracted political divide that is still sharpening. #GLOBALink

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Autoritatea de reglementare a medicamentelor din Pakistan a aprobat un vaccin de către Sinopharm din China pentru utilizare de urgență pe fondul creșterii cazurilor de COVID-19 în țară. #GLOBALink

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The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan has approved a vaccine by China's Sinopharm for emergency use amid rising cases of COVID-19 in the country. #GLOBALink

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World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) chief Witold Banka and former head of the International Olympic Committee's media operations Anthony Edgar both hailed China's commitment to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games #GLOBALink

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Joe Biden inaugurated as 46th U.S. president, calls for national unity amid bitter division. #GLOBALink

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Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th U.S. president at the West Front of the Capitol. #GLOBALink

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Hong Kong a construit un nou centru de tratament medical pentru pacienții cu COVID-19 în doar patru luni. Acest centru complet echipat a crescut cu 75 la sută oferta de camere de presiune negativă din Hong Kong. #GLOBALink

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Hong Kong has built a new medical treatment center for COVID-19 patients in just four months. This fully-equipped facility has increased the supply of negative pressure wards in Hong Kong by 75 percent. #GLOBALink

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The United States reached the grim milestone of 400,000 coronavirus deaths on Tuesday, but health experts have criticized the slow vaccine distribution rollout. Click to visit a vaccination site in New York with Xinhua correspondent #GLOBALink

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Ministerul Sănătății din Brazilia a lansat luni campania de vaccinare în masă împotriva COVID-19. Ministrul Sănătății spune că planul inițial era de a începe vaccinarea miercuri, dar vaccinarea a început înainte de termen la solicitarea guvernatorilor de stat. #GLOBALink

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Cum a evoluat colaborarea chino-arabă după 5 ani de la vizitele de stat ale președintelui chinez Xi Jinping în Arabia Saudită, Egipt și vizita sa la sediul Ligii Arabe din Cairo Aflați rezultatele fructuoase ale #Xiplomație prin această ediție a #GLOBALink.

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بعد مرور 5 سنوات على زيارات الدولة التي قام بها الرئيس الصيني شي جين بينغ إلى المملكة العربية السعودية ومصر وإيران، وزيارته لمقر جامعة الدول العربية في القاهرة،كيف تطور التعاون الصيني العربي؟ يمكن إلقاء نظرة على هذا الإصدار من #GLOBALink لتكتشف النتائج لـ #Xiplomacy

قراءة ممتعة

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5 years on since Chinese President Xi Jinping's state visits to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran, and his visit to the Arab League headquarters in Cairo, how has Sino-Arab cooperation progressed? Check out this edition of #GLOBALink to find out the fruitful results of #Xiplomacy

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Brazil's health ministry has launched a mass vaccination campaign against COVID-19. Brazilian health minister says the initial plan was to begin nationwide vaccination on Wednesday, but the date was moved up in response to the request of state governors. #GLOBALink

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China's Sinovac is partnering with Malaysian pharmaceutical company Pharmaniaga for the supply of 14 million doses of its #COVID19 vaccines to Malaysia. #GLOBALink

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The Japanese Diet opened Monday with PM Yoshihide Suga vowing to go ahead with preparations to hold the Tokyo Olympics this summer, amid a surge in #COVID19 infections across the country #GLOBALink

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China's GDP hit 100 trillion yuan (about 15 trillion USD) by 2020. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, China has become the first major economy in the world to register positive growth for the past year.

How did China achieve it? And what does the figure mean to the world? #GLOBALink

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Brazil has approved the emergency use of Chinese biotech firm Sinovac's CoronaVac vaccine, as well as the AstraZeneca-University of Oxford's COVID-19 vaccine. #GLOBALink

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Consilierul de stat și ministrul de externe chinez Wang Yi a încheiat un tur de patru națiuni în Asia de Sud-Est. Aflați ce au de spus experții despre cele mai recente vizite ale lui Wang la cei patru vecini ai Chinei. #GLOBALink

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Whose hand is behind some of the ongoing and prolonged conflicts around the world?
Check out this edition of #GLOBALink to find out what locals and Xinhua correspondents in Kabul, Damascus and Tripoli have to say

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O conselheiro de Estado e ministro das Relações Exteriores da China, Wang Yi, encerrou uma turnê por quatro países no Sudeste Asiático. Descubra o que os especialistas têm a dizer sobre as últimas visitas de Wang aos quatro vizinhos da China. #GLOBALink

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Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi has wrapped up a four-nation tour in Southeast Asia. Find out what experts have to say about Wang's latest visits to China's four neighbors. #GLOBALink

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A vacina CoronaVac COVID-19 da China obtém uma resposta positiva na Turquia, com o país dando início à campanha de vacinação em massa #GLOBALink

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Mais de 10 milhões de doses de uma vacina COVID-19 da Sinopharm foram inoculadas em toda a China. Quão eficaz é isso? Ele poderia proteger contra mutações do vírus? A Xinhua entrevistou um executivo sênior de uma subsidiária da empresa #GLOBALink

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China's CoronaVac COVID-19 vaccine draws positive response in Turkey, as the country begins mass vaccination campaign #GLOBALink

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Un milione di dosi del vaccino per il #COVID19 sviluppato dalla cinese Sinopharm sono arrivate in Serbia oggi, con il benvenuto personale del presidente del Paese in aeroporto #GLOBALink

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With more evidence suggesting their efficacy and safety, China's COVID-19 vaccines have been licensed or used in an increasing number of countries, especially those in the developing world. Find out what foreign leaders and experts say about the Chinese vaccines. #GLOBALink

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More than 10 million doses of a COVID-19 vaccine from Sinopharm have been inoculated across China. How effective is it? Could it guard against mutations of the virus? Xinhua interviewed a senior executive from a subsidiary of the company #GLOBALink

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A million doses of COVID-19 vaccines developed by China's Sinopharm arrived in Serbia on Saturday, receiving a personal welcome at the airport from the country's president. #GLOBALink

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Un milion de doze de vaccinuri COVID-19 dezvoltate de Sinopharm din China au ajuns sâmbătă în Serbia, întâmpinate pe aeroport de către președintele țării. #GLOBALink

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A million doses of COVID-19 vaccines developed by China's Sinopharm arrived in Serbia on Saturday, receiving a personal welcome at the airport from the country's president. #GLOBALink

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