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@LimitedRunGames got to preorder my KO edition for #ScottPilgrimGame THANK YOU! #ForeverPhysical

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Got iiiiit! And now we wait patiently.
Tonight we’ll play the original on the Xbox360! 🎮

Thank you, @LimitedRunGames 4 #ScottPilgrimGame #ForeverPhysical

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Should I get Scott Pilgrim for PS4 or Nintendo Switch

I wanna get it for PS4 because I still have my digital PS3 copy

But I wanna get if for Nintendo Switch because I think more people are gonna get it for the switch

What do you guys think?

#ScottPilgrimGame #ForeverPhysical

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@LimitedRunGames well it's worth a try, #ForeverPhysical !

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@LimitedRunGames @SiWOLFIE91 #ForeverPhysical never played it and would love to add this to my switch collection🤞🏾

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@LimitedRunGames #ForeverPhysical because it is the best Way to play Games

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@LimitedRunGames I'm still getting this even if i don't win #ForeverPhysical

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We're excited to announce a Limited Run of @Ubisoft & @UniversalPics's Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game - Complete Edition (PS4/Switch).

Get yours during a six-week pre-order starting Friday, January 15 at 10am ET on .

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