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Things you could be doing right now that are more productive than arguing with strangers on Twitter. 1. Binging the entire 1000+ hours of the greatest improv content of all time. #CriticalRole

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Watching Ep 108 of #CriticalRole and Beau saying that everyone Jester meets is like, “well I’d maybe kill for you yeah!”
Yeah, totally. I would definitely kill for Jester.

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#CriticalRole THE NATURAL 20s!!!!!!!

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Hello Bees! 🐝💕 Shoutout to @CriticalRole for the best quality, fastest shipped, inexpensive merch item I own. This shirt was made for me. #CriticalRole #hellobees

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As it had 🎶been a while🎶 since I watched a YT ep of CR I went to check the comments on the most recent ep out of curiosity. Majority are enthusiastic, funny and wholesome. Death to the Twitch chat 😅 never accidentally opening that again *shudder* #CriticalRole

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Happy International Women's Day to me with a buff Beau 👀 #criticalrole #CriticalRoleArt

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#CriticalRoleSpoilers #CriticalRole

Hey so I know we're all glad for the extremely narrow escape, but.......Where's Nugget?

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- Beauregard-

Pop POP! Finally got to my favorite CR2 character 💪

#dnd #dice #handmadedice #beauregard #criticalrole #CriticalRoleArt #cr2 #rpg #ttrpg #marisharay

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Fjord and Jester at a Ruby of the Sea's concert

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WIPs. No spoilers please, still doing a bit of catch up😉 #CriticalRole #dnd #dnd5e

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I'm not crying while Marion and Jester hug for the first time, nope nope nope nope
Right in the feelings #criticalrole

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just now watching the #criticalrole episode and WOW the anxiety just keeps getting worse huh

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#CriticalRole WHERE. IS. NUGGET?

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Email announcing coworker's promotion: ...he will be taking on a critical role in the organization...
Me (chanting at my desk as I finish reading): Role! Critical! Role! Critical!

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🌿 People aren’t good. That’s not how this works. You can do good things, or bad things, but people are just people. 🌸

📷 sasiharshav on ig
#CriticalRoleCosplay #CriticalRole @executivegoth

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The hardest thing about being a Critter in Norway is that I live in a time zone that makes it so that the livestream is at 04:00 at night😭
#CriticalRole #DnD #nerdyproblems

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Quando o Mr.Clay disse "I could write a book about the things I don't know", eu me identifiquei tanto
Obrigado Caduceus eu te amo 💚

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I wonder how Matt is going to play it out. How do you juggle two side of the table not having the same passage of time?

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Little Sapphire, Jester Lavorre! 💙🫐💎I'm pretty new to Critical Role despite being recommended it for years, but it's the only thing tethering me to concepts like "days of the week" now. Is it Thursday yet?? #CriticalRole #CriticalRoleFanart #CriticalRoleArt @CriticalRole

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Rewatching last week’s #Criticalrole I feel like Matt as Yeza Brenatto and how he interprets Veth and responding to her comes from a place of having a very strong wife in Marisha and using that part of him as this man’s whole “I Love My Wife” life. And it’s just very sweet.

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M9 ladies in suits 🤍
Who wears it best?
#criticalrole #criticalrolefanart

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Love a recent #CriticalRole moment:
Jester: ...Why does the most powerful guy, have to be such a shit head?! Why can't he be a 'nice' powerful guy
Cad: Why bother being powerful if you're nice?
Jester: Think of all the people you could help...

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Celebrating International Woman's day with my favorite gal! I was really hoping Jester would use hellish rebuke last episode, so I took matters into my own hands :)
#CriticalRoleArt #CriticalRole

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Every time the #MightNien come to mind all I can think that if they had a theme song it would be Harvey Danger’s ’Flagpoll Sitta’ now I need to do something with this idea. #CriticalRole

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What better way to try new brushes than by doodling a Molly? 😊

#CriticalRole #criticalrolefanart #CriticalRoleArt #mollymauk #mollymauktealeaf

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Picked up these awesome @CriticalRole C1 shirts today! I’m so pumped. I’ll get the C2 shirts eventually 😂 @matthewmercer @LauraBaileyVO @WillingBlam @executivegoth @Marisha_Ray @TheVulcanSalute @samriegel @VoiceOfOBrien #CriticalRole

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doodling...catching know the drill. might turn this into a short animation at some point.
Today it was Caleb's turn to be anime'd.

#CriticalRole #CriticalRoleArt

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Oh boi not me getting super emotional writing Caleb grieving Jester and having to explain to everyone what happened #CriticalRole #CriticalRoleFanfic

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No Spoilers... But this sounds like the end for someone and I am... 😭 #CriticalRole

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With their heist uncovered and danger closing in around them, the Mighty Nein must make tough decisions to keep themselves and their loved ones safe…

WATCH Campaign 2, Episode 128 - “Cat and Mouse”

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