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Wisconsin has won 10 straight games, the longest active win streak among Power 6 conference teams

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@DrPepperTeacher I know it's been a rough couple of years finding any highlights of the Huskers. Please enjoy some from my Badgers. #Pepperpack #NothingButLove #Badgers

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𝙄𝙏'π™Ž 𝘼 π™‚π™π™€π˜Όπ™ π˜Ώπ˜Όπ™” π™π™Šπ™ π™ƒπ™Šπ˜Ύπ™†π™€π™”!
#Badgers πŸ†š Ohio State
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Well, you don’t see that everyday...

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These early season games are a series of fact-finding missions, even for coaches of veteran teams. #Badgers coach Greg Gard learned a little bit more from his team Friday night, even in a blowout.

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Seventh-ranked Wisconsin #Badgers were too tall – and too everything else – for outmanned Arkansas-Pine Bluff.

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Overtime: #Badgers use a 25-0 opening run to put away Arkansas-Pine Bluff.

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The #Badgers have only played 3 games this year and their next game is next Saturday???

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Meles meles in the park: we keep hoping.......ITN exposure of fox hunting reveals badgers as unrecognised victims........ #badgers

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Relevant for the #Badgers and possibly the Buckeyes.

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Clarification from the conference on the math behind the Big Ten Championship Gm eligibility rules: Assuming the 4 remaining games today are played, 12 of the 14 gms scheduled for the final 2 wks would need to be canceled for a team to qualify for Indy w/ fewer than 6 gms played.

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Gorgeous Mr Lumpy πŸ₯° #wildlife #badgers #animallovers #lovedogs #loveanimals #BeKind #govegan #vegan #animalrights #cuteanimals #beautiful #HappySaturday

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Sorry Mr Lumpy do you require your grapes peeling for you now? πŸ˜†πŸΎπŸΎβ€οΈ #SaturdayThoughts #SaturdayKitchen

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@JLevering4 @Brian_Butch @BigTenNetwork Excellent job last night. Entertainment value maintained with your call & commentary. Could easily have slipped off for the night as it was one-sided.
Young players looking great for #Badgers.

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We heard on @BBCFarmingToday on Wednesday a (very) weak defence of #Badgers which concentrated on vaccination (theirs, not cattle). However, great this is (and I have serious doubts), it simply confirms in farmers' minds that the badger is their enemy; they are not! @AmeleaTeckel

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@oscarlibertygr8 @ChrisGPackham @whistling_joe @CRCuthbert These days the principle is conservation through wise use. Unless it's @DefraGovUK who incinerates 50+ thousand #Badgers a year. I know it's great for #cattle, #Farmers, #birds, small #mammals & the #taxpayer...but the warm, beautiful clothing that could be made is such a waste.

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I’m tackling a new subject so going back to basics to review the anatomy first. This morning I’m looking at the structure the lies inside that big rolling body mass of the #Badgers

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Back home now so here is the final version of our story on the #Badgers' easy victory.

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While the final score indicated a blowout, there were things both positive and negative the #Badgers can take from their 92-58 victory over Arkansas-Pine Bluff Friday night. My takeaways

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#NCAAM: (7) Wisconsin defeats Arkansas-Pine Bluff 92-58
Top Performers
Joshuwa Johnson (UAPB) 13 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists
Micah Potter (WISC) 19 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists

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Greg Gard: We stayed true with how we needed to play for the most part, and that's challenging when the score starts to slide in one direction quickly #Badgers

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#BADGERS WIN!!! #Wisconsin improves to 2-0!!

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Do what you gotta do to stay on the field, Big Ten

#Badgers #Buckeyes

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(7) Wisconsin 92, Arkansas-Pine Bluff 58: Last word #Badgers

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#Badgers Aleem Ford on how the freshmen have performed so far: I'd give them a 10 out of 10.

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The #Badgers dominated Arkansas-Pine Bluff led by a 25-0 start to the game. Here is quick recap, and a look at three of the key points to take away from the game.

Wisconsin basketball: Arkansas-Pine Bluff game recap

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Wisconsin dominates Arkansas-Pine Bluff in 92-58 win via @_JoshSchafer #Badgers

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Quick first version on the #Badgers rolling.

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#Badgers Game Story: No.7 Wisconsin scored the game's first 25 points and led by as many as 40 in an easy win over Arkansas-Pine Bluff Friday

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FINAL SCORING: Potter 19, Trice 15, Reuvers 14, Ford 10, Johnny Davis 9, Anderson 7, Davison 5, Wahl 5, Carlson 3, Crawl 2, Hedstrom 1. #Badgers

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#Badgers fans may want to keep Big Ten Network on this time. Replaying last seasons's battle for the Axe at Minnesota.

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Micah Potter 19 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals

D'Mitrik Trice 15 points, 3 assists

Nate Reuvers 14 points

Aleem Ford 10 points, 4 rebounds

#Badgers extend the nation's longest winning streak to 10 games.

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Was hoping for 100 but such is life #Badgers

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FINAL: Wisconsin 92 UAPB 58.

Four #Badgers go for double-digit point totals. Micah Potter led the charge with 19 points.

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FINAL: #Badgers 92, APB 58. Story will be on our site ASAP.

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Thoughts on the win over Arkansas-Pine Bluff, #Badgers fans?

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A coyote and a badger team up to go hunting..

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We're bummed we won't be playing
for the Axe this weekend but thanks
to @alliantenergy we have some
Power Through moments from
recent years to watch today!


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