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Blades of Glory?!

I mean, if you combine my drinking habits & "charm" w/Chris's ability to skate, hair obsession & wardrobe...that COULD check out.

Hopefully my producer doesn't mind spandex though - #BillsMafia already knows how I feel about the matter...

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Also, happy Friday #BillsMafia. May your workday be quick & your @LabattUSA be cold.

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If @Patriots can solve their QB problem, they could challenge for the East again. Look out #BillsMafia The Pats are coming in 2021.

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@MongoFeliciano @MongoFeliciano its just fair coincidence that I happen to be a lifelong #BillsMafia member. Hope you're enjoyin your offseason, Big Dawg. 😎👉🏼👉🏼

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More than 70 new books for the @BGCBuffalo!

We're celebrating #BlackHistoryMonth and helping educate the Buffalo community.

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@AlanCavanna Dude you have got to get @A_B_Williams26 on your show. I mean is there a better combo for you than #BillsMafia and #NASCAR??

*AB, AC is a Huge Bills fan. FYI 😉

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Naval Park in need of emergency funds for historic naval ship hey #BillsMafia 👇🏻

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Gotta represent even on vacation Florida right #BillsMafia!!!

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Free agency hasn’t started, but the #Patriots are already getting some reinforcements. Their key opt-outs from 2020 — including LB Dont'a Hightower, S Patrick Chung, and OT Marcus Cannon — are planning to be back for 2021, sources say. Physically, all are in a good place.

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But are you coming to Buffalo or nah? 🦬 🏈 #BillsMafia

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@JJWatt Thats Right @JJWatt !!!!

Trust the process!!!!

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do you think russell wilson get traded? #NFL #NFLHonors #NFLDraft #NFLnaESPN #NFLTwitter     #NFLDraft2021 #NFLDraftNews #NFLBrasil #nfljapan #nfllive #NFLFreeAgency #NFLxFOX #Bears #Broncos #Bengals #Bucs #Browns #49ers #Steelers #CowboysNation #BillsMafia #Raiders #BoltUp

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Iconic head coach Marv Levy recalls CFL's glory days from his time coaching the Als in the 1970s #AlsMtl #Montréals #ToujoursGame #BillsMafia

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@SeanTPendergast Team #BillsMafia. Done with both

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JJ has subtly spelled out “BUFFALO BILLS” throughout his tweet. @JJWatt is signing with the @BuffaloBills. #billsmafia

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@REALRICO_BF @BfloFanatics I don't speak the language of Fromm but I do BILLIEVE that former California Berkeley QB Davis "Iceman" Webb is the #BuffaloBills best option as Josh "Maverick" Allen's "Wingman". #BillsMafia

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Hey #billsmafia, my mom has only 1 follower on here. Can y’all give my momma a follow? @RuthOBr41068700 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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@JJWatt Mornin, @JJWatt! Enjoy followin ur career on/off the field. 1st saw you & @AB84 play as Chippewas. Was @BallState game 2 c ur 1st rec. Fan4Life wherever you go. 🤞its @BuffaloBills @packers if not. 100% u'd fall in ❤ w/716🏆Culture. #BillsMafia will embrace u through thick/thin.

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“Friday morning fun” = We like to have fun here

“Almost lost it” = Trump and Bon Jovi almost bought the team to relocate

“Take it on the chin” = BillsMafia has been the butt of many jokes over the years

“Progress” = Kinda sounds like Process

JJ to #BillsMafia = Confirmed

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Hey @BuffaloBills #BuffaloBills fans, It’s fan Friday! Post a pic of yourself/kids in Bills gear!

I’ll start with me in enemy territory in Seattle.


#BillsMafia @JoshAllenQB @stefondiggs @KimPegula @BuffRumblings @BfloFanatics @Pierre_Kingpin @Kimmick86

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@JJWatt Form policeman here...advising you take your reps to #BillsMafia

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2020 DEF Coverage Grades:

Bills Coverage D:

💠 [68.5] - Rank 11th 🔥

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Should the Bills re-sign P Corey Bojorquez? New episode with @edaniels77 of @PFF @PFF_Bills. Sponsored by @playthedrive & @playthefieldnow. Go buy The Drive at & make every football drive more exciting! #billsmafia #podcast #BuffaloBills

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@JJWatt @BuffaloBills @WGR550 @Marcel_LJ Point- of this only #billsmafia know In-Richie INcognito- My least favorite Bill ever aside from OJ Working- Something I think he knows would be well for him and everyone if he JUST GOT HIS ASS HERE ALREADY. Sorry rude. BUT WE WANT YOU SO GOD DAMN BAD DUUUUDDDEEE!!!!!!!

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The #Bills were the 11th highest graded coverage unit (68.5)


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Mfer pry made another volcano erupt in Hawaii #GoBills #BillsMafia

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@JJWatt Alright this obviously seals it. @JJWatt is investing in oxygen bars in Buffalo and will be signing with the Bills by the end of the weekend. These cryptic tweets aren't even clever anymore #BillsMafia

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Well, now I’ve got a new favorite running back AND a new favorite driver. Good luck to both of you from #BillsMafia

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Russell Wilson's agent said Russell Willson would consider these teams for trade. Best fit for #RussellWilson is. .? #Billsmafia #NFL #Bills #CowboysNation #RaiderNation #WhoDatNation #BearsNation #NFLTwitter @DangeRussWilson @WGR550 @BuffaloFAMbase

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Nevermind JJ Watt! Get Grandma in free agency!!! #billsmafia

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315 pounds.
3-1-5 is a central NY area code.
Central NY is near WNY.

Sources indicate @JJWatt to Buffalo for sure! #GoBills #BillsMafia #JJWattch

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@JJWatt Growth mindset, just like Coach McDermott always preaches! #BillsMafia

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Be the first to book your gig today! 2021 Open Calendar / Contact me here or Email @
Message for phone #
Serious Inquiries Only!
#billsmafia #wny #716buffalo #jamestownny #oleanny #salamancany #ellicottvilleny

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Friday morning fun.

Almost lost it on the last rep, bar was cutting off my oxygen 😂

(Form police, take it on the chin. It’s February, it’s not perfect yet. That’s why we work. If there was no progress to be made, there’d be no point in working.)

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Independence Day. 👽

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Stories are meant to be told. NASCAR means more to me than a lot of people know, and my hunger is stronger than ever. Love the connection between myself and @Joegrafjr

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#Bills QB Josh Allen skipping a rock & one has to assume that it crossed the entire ocean right?

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Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

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