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VIDEO: Reflecting on our joint #16DaysofActivism campaign together with @Rohingya_ISCG in #CoxsBazar

Let's raise our voice and speak up against #genderbasedviolence, today and everyday!


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Urunwa @barca_babe10 Art Exhibition tagged "Rose of conquered thorns and crowns" during @un_wonen @unwomenNG #16daysofActivism

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Hear from the brave women, men & gender-diverse persons in #Rohingya, 🇧🇩 host & humanitarian community in CXB advocating to end GBV. #GenerationEquality
📹: Gender Hub, 🇧🇩gov, @CanadaDev @Rohingya_ISCG @UNHCR_BGD @UNFPABangladesh @WFPAsiaPacific @UN_Women

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Thank you so much @SEAresource, finding them was one of the best thing that happened to me during last years #16daysofactivism, it is equipping me with more information on how to be an anti DV advocate. I'm definitely concerned how it affects Asian women. I've been so worried.

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#DavosAgenda: During 2020 #16DaysofActivism @JCM_Power worked with Traditional Authority Kalonga, @WOLREC and District Gender Specialists to raise awareness of how communities close to the #SalimaSolar site can help to identify, report and respond to #Gender Based Violence.

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#MondayMotivation #focus #16DaysOfActivism #2020Unpaused #affirmation #trend #MondayMorning #mondaythoughts #RevolutionNow #RenosNuggets #ManchesterUnited

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DAY TEN: Picturing Violence Unseen with @BaldehF for #16daysofactivism via @UoE_genderED

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This is the last tweet I will make on this topic.

I am an advocate against gender based violence. Check my previous tweets. I was very active during the #16daysofactivism. I will always speak up against acts of violence against any gender, male or female.


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@StressOfLagos @sleekjane02 Penis and dildo which one is more painful? Did she cause the pain on purpose? Don’t u make mistakes?
For him to not even notice it, shows he was enjoying himself. And vaginas have been torn from penising. Check hospitals. Women don’t just cry about it.

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A man can see another man give of himself to an ideal. He too finds it in his heart to part take in this ideal. Change is now in effect. #abusestopswithme #rideagainstGBV #16DaysOfActivism #braveworks

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The open air exhibition as part of the award-winning #LighttheDark' campaign by @unwomenturkey supported by #Sweden in 2019 was at Maçka Park as part of @Contemporaryist art fair. @Sida #16DaysOfActivism #fireflies

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@Wendy94669657 "Man"..

Anyway this monster of a murdered X2 must be shown no mercy at all..


Took #GBV seriously..

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New York State House: Rename of Donald J. Trump Park to Sojourner Truth Park - Sign the Petition! via @Change #Sign the Petition #16DaysOfActivism #StrongerTogether #WeekendWisdom

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@thandiswamazwai @PabiMoloi @KabeloMabalane @MelBala @NotInMyNameINT @RealMenTalk @EOTO_SABC2 @GovernmentZA @tumisole @THATninahastie @MasekoValencia #rise #abusestopswithme #rideagainstGBV #rideabuse20 #16DaysOfActivism @TwitterWomen

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Some parts of your story you don't want to share because in this scene you are not the good guy, you are not the character everyone wants to be. You are the character that will be hated. But it is you, it is what you did. #rideagainstGBV #16daysofactivism @PabiMoloi

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@GovierAndy Speaking of #SEAsteps, we've now reached Pakistan on our journey! Our International Network includes a researcher in Pakistan. And this paper explores the lived experiences of #EconomicAbuse of South Asian women living in Britain, India and Pakistan:

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Pictures received today of more #HeartsForMurderedWomen in their permanent homes. Absolutely beautiful, and so heartwarming to see...

#IDEVAW #16days #16Daysofactivism


@JeanHatchet @onein4 @CountDeadWomen @FemicideCensus

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More #HeartsForMurderedWomen are arriving day by day. Many more were posted yesterday and today, so look out for yours arriving. We have some left needing homes, please check our pinned tweet #IDEVAW #16days #16Daysofactivism 💚💜💚💜💔💔♀️♀️

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My heart has arrived, thank you

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Turkey's first open-air lighting installation exhibition, ‘Light the Dark’ illuminates Istanbul for gender equality.

The exhibition drew attention to gender issues and violence against women.

Read more here 👇

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2/2 When we begin to unpack gender-based violence, we more clearly see its root causes.  When we confront these root causes, without shying away, we tackle them better.
What are the root causes of GBV in PNG? #16DaysOfActivism #16days #endGBV #voiceforchange

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Violence ultimately does not exist in a vacuum; it is a manifestation of longstanding gender inequality, patriarchy, and chauvinism the world over.
#16Days #16DaysOfActivism #genderbasedviolence #domesticviolence #endingGBV

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Our December #16daysofactivism project with Bellville SAPS and @gtp_the topped contributions globally on @safetipinapp
Congrats to the Bellville Youth Crime Prevention Desk team for launching the app with us in Cape Town.

@MbalulaFikile @alanwinde

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The #16DaysofActivism campaign is a pivotal period for the women’s rights movement.

In 2020, despite the pandemic, people all over the world were able to mobilise to stand up to violence against women.

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All the way to the Cotswolds 💚💜💚💜💔💔♀️♀️ #HeartsForMurderedWomen #IDEVAW #16days #16Daysofactivism

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My beautiful heart arrived this morning. It’s safe in the Cotswolds. #heartsformurderedwomen @WomanchesterMMN @CountDeadWomen @FemicideCensus

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Another one made it...

#HeartsForMurderedWomen #IDEVAW #16days #16Daysofactivism 💚💜💚💜💔💔♀️♀️

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Thank you for this picture, we hate having to make them, but so good too see them in their homes. They are a reminder that we want to end #maleviolence so we can stop making #HeartsForMurderedWomen #IDEVAW #16days #16Daysofactivism 💚💜💚💜💔💔♀️♀️

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@WomanchesterMMN My third heart arrived this morning and these three memorials will be next to me whenever I work, reminding me of the important work to be done to end male violence .

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"Siblings who go to school together build the society together. A brother and sister's support for each other results in the growth and prosperity of society." @ParweenPazhwak @AWNKabul @ZDaryabi #Afghanistan #orangetheworld @AMIP_AFG #16DaysOfActivism #HumanRights

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Our most recent #craftivist activity was to encourage @WomensInstitute members to make white butterflies for #16daysofactivism to end domestic abuse. This was in association with @Broxtowewomen

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اطلاعات روز در این گزارش دشواری دخترانی را از رفتن به مکتب روایت کرده است که در شهر کابل ناگزیر شده‌اند به‌دلیل محدودیت‌های خانواده، دست‌کم دور از چشم پدر، پنهانی به رویای درس‌خواندن‌شان جامه عمل بپوشانند.

via @etilaatroz

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Our sister @rogue_red_rose has homed two more #HeartsForMurderedWomen and they arrived today. We still have quite a few left, so please see our pinned tweet #IDEVAW #16days #16Daysofactivism @JeanHatchet @CountDeadWomen @onein4 @FemicideCensus 💔💔💚💜💚💜♀️♀️

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Thanks to @WomanchesterMMN for my #HeartsForMurderedWomen which arrived today. More homes still needed.A reminder that over 100 women are killed by male violence every year in the UK. We need to redouble efforts to prevent all male violence and provide services @WhiteRibbon_UK

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although #16daysofactivism is long over, fighting for women's rights and fighting for violence against women to end should be an all year thing for all of us. violence can take form in many ways, let's continue to help!
#UNWomen #women #Violence

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خواتین پر تشدد کسی بھی صورت قابل قبول نہیں ہے۔

#Rozan #mentalhealthawareness #genderbasedviolence #16days #16daysofactivism

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Gender-based violence is not acceptable in any case.

#Rozan #mentalhealthawareness #genderbasedviolence #16days #16DaysOfActivism

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#Slogans as নাৰী নিৰ্যাতনৰ প্ৰতি সঁহাৰি জনাওক, প্ৰতিৰোধ কৰক (Respond to Violence against #women, oppose it) filled the walls at Doigrung main market in Golaghat, Assam on 28th Nov, 2020. It was a NEN initiative to spread #awareness on #genderbasedviolence #VAW

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Swipe to see some of what we've been up to in 2020!

#gawrc #16daysofactivism #HumanRights #EndGBV #NoMeansNo

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He was the first Radio personality I spoke to on my first time calling, live on air during #16daysofactivism back then!!! #RIPKBMolopyane

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What we are up to is not a sprint, it's a marathon. There is need for a long term design project for a social behavioral change that should last within five to ten years."

- Dr Hamira Weiye at the "From Awareness to Accountability" at the #16DaysOfActivism webinar.


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@itsgabrielleu Gabbs - pleas #help us #FreeMarlinDumas #va #JuvenileLifer plz #RT #HOPE #FAITH #LOVE #16daysofactivism

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#1BillionRising 2021: #RisingGardens Norwich ready tp RISE on 14 Feb!

#RaiseTheVibration w your hands & bodies. RISE FOR WOMEN & MOTHER EARTH.

#16DaysOfActivism #Togo #RiseGardenResist #RisingGarden #RisingWorld #VDay #RiseResistUnite #RiseInSolidarity #UntilTheViolenceStops

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Thread: Last month @Broxtowewomen got in touch with us to ask if we could raise awareness of @WhiteRibbon_UK and #16DaysofAction against domestic abuse. We came up with the idea to invite @WomensInstitute to make white paper butterflies to "release" on social media. 1/?

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Gender data is crucial to make every woman and girl count. This new focus area, powered by #WomenCount program, highlights how data is being used to inform policy and advocacy to advance gender equality.

#DevexFOCUS on #GenderData · @UN_Women 👇🏽

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